Winter Skin Care Tips- Soft Feet, Hands, and Body

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“THUMBS UP” for more skin care tips! SHARE! WATCH IN 1080p HD for Better Video Quality! Check out Baby Foot Here- Hey Lovelies! It’s ALMOST winter time and this is a very important time to pay attention to your skin! Harsh winds and cold air can cause dry skin! Here are some ways that I keep my skin soft! 🙂 These are the steps that I take to obtain soft, smooth skin. Video is LENGTHY, but has some good info! I apologize! The Baby Foot product is not intended to use EVERY month. Products Mentioned: Baby Foot Vegetable Glycerin Argan Moisture Repair Conditioner- Shea Body Butter Virgin Coconut Oil Vaseline Jergen’s Lotion ✿Previous Beauty Video: Get Ready With ME- ✿Subscribe to my VLOG Channel for lifestyle videos: ✿Eye Look Worn in Video: ✿Sweater Worn: Sweater- Forever21 ✿Hair: Sheena’s Hair Emporium- Virgin Indian Straight 20″,18″,& 16″ SheenasHairEmporium Information: Twitter: VirginHair_She Instagram: SheenasHairEmporium Email: Customer Service #: 501.205.4726 Website: ✿Nail Color Worn- Essie Nail Polish- Size Matters ✿Frequently Asked for Videos: -Skin Care Facial Routine- -Drug Store Foundation Routine- -Eye Brow Tutorial: -Highlighting Technique used: -Setting Highlight Using Ben Nye Banana Powder- -How-To Contour: Filmed with: Canon T3i Edited with: iMovie ✿KEEP UP WITH ME


maaandy20 says:

You sound so ghetto

Wanda Osborne says:

Why I love Christmas because of all the blessings that I have been giving and all that his has given me. Please enter me thanks.

steph4093 says:

Thank you so much, I needed all of this info,

Tash McKenzie says:

Yeah definitely very much Summer on the other side of the world! But I like getting all my tips early since when Winter comes here it comes quick haha :).

xPrettyThings87 says:


xPrettyThings87 says:

You’re videos are excited so well omg!! 🙂

getitg44 says:

i love that you take such good care of yourself. i feel that as women we get so caught up in others things such as work, family, boyfriends but we forget to take care of number one. The way we feel about our self is so important because it directly impacts the dynamics and relationships we have with others. kudos to you for taking the time out

hchocolate 850 says:

enter me

MsAsh Nicole says:

I love your skin care routine… I think you would love the mac mineralize charged water for your face! Its the best product I’ve come across for the face to keep it moisturized in the winter months. A little takes you a super long way. It comes in a little 1.7 oz jar and its a little pricey but it works I promise… Oh and it leaves your face SUPER soft…Check it out!

Romeosgirl81 says:

i clicked on it says whoa are sure you want to go there.

sweetangelz1000 says:

hey are you are
so doing a contest giveaway?


latrice2121 says:

Are you using glycerin or glycerin oil?

hbrenda21 says:

I need to try it!! I seen Megan from youtube and she recommends as well. (:

mybeautypretty says:

This video was so helpful 🙂 thanks girlie

Maya Kennedy says:

Do you think it would be bad if you helped peel off the dead skin when it does start to peel ???

swagger4christ says:

Is your boyfriend in the military too?

Brandon L. says:

youre boyfriend is blessed to have u

Ann Nguyen says:

Are you from Jamacia? You have a subtle accent.

Toya406 says:

Hey I just subscribe to your channel. I was just watching your video on hair finity. And I wanted to know do you still use it?

bjack2223 says:

Great tips…Nitraab sent me and now I will be subscribing

adreya31 says:

Thanks for the tips missy and gotta try that foot product on my way to smooth feet 🙂

start2finishmua says:

lol. ummm…i don’t live with my boyfriend?? and neither of those products smell nasty.

Hessa Alsulaiti says:

Hi I like your skin care routin and i can notice that your skin is perfect, but how come that you are living with your boyfriend and you u use coconut and shea butter cause both of them smell nastey. so when your boyfriend hugs you u smells coconut, i think this is a NO NO. Strawberry or vanilla will be WOW cause u should smell sexy i think

SimplyShar83 says:

I just tried it again.. it working! thanks

start2finishmua says:

i just tried it. its working. ??

SimplyShar83 says:

The Baby Foot Exfoliator link isnt working for me :(

rsangosina says:

great tips. Will defo try them. Thanks

Myzz Nisey says:

this is so helpful. I hav3e the same problem with my feet and the results you showed are amazing. Must try and thank you for showing this. Also love the eyes

syberdeeva says:

Thanks for sharing the product for the feet. I’m diabetic so I don’t get pedicures anymore. I don’t trust the cleanly-ness of the salons. If the product is diabetic safe. I’m buying it. It would make a cook stocking stuffer for someone I know.

QueenAdonalda777 says:

Oh my. . . Hitting up Baby Foot now !

Ajturns22 says:

very helpful

greengreen507 says:

Thanks for the tips on the products you use.

start2finishmua says:

You can only use the boots one time. But you don’t have to do another treatment for a while if you’re feet arent super bad. You can space them out.

mssunnyshine2 says:

Thanks so much this is some very helpful information.

Classy313plus says:

I thought I was already a subscriber but I see I was mistaken. I will be trying this. Thanks for the video.

misst426 says:

How much usage can you get out of one box of Baby Foot Exfoliator?

glamouorimperfect says:

i really need this lord knows

Reviyve says:

I love your accent! Yeah its cold as heck out here in NY LOL

ctanikob says:

I am definitely going to order that foot treatment. My feet have been peeling for the past couple of months for the first time in my life, I was traumatized! lol I live in Cali too and I was really clueless as to why. I have been putting Vaseline on them and then socks on at night. I do my own pedicures but that didn’t seem to help much, that treatment looks much more effective. Very helpful video thanks!!

vnetta662 says:

Great moisturizing tips. Thanks.

start2finishmua says:

it doesnt. lol you dont even feel it! 🙂

MsLadyyD says:

when your feet start to peel does it hurt at all?

blkdymd1 says:

Lol, informative and funny. Thanks for sharing girl!

PrettyDAsh06 says:

Starting home fires in bed is not what’s up! lol Hubbys AF,too and his feet be KICKING! Buying this for the family! Thanks for sharing! LOL

start2finishmua says:

Yeaaaa… i was like waiiiittt… lol. i’m going back a little too often to say this was suppose to be a Callus Removing pedicure..

start2finishmua says:

Girllll you cant ignore the dryness.. it only makes it worse. Trust me!!!

lisauhqt says:

I was thinking something similar about salons. It’s some stuff that this one particular salon put on the cuticle area (of my hands) and I was thinking she was putting it on there to eat away at the acrylic so I can come back soon for a fill in.

USNwifey says:

I’m going to have to try this! Thank you so much!

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