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Jack Dalton says:

Its rubbish, when it comes to fat loss calories is at the top of the list with food choices second, meal frequency is not that important other than fro compliance. Fill up on lower calories foods. Eating two apples doesn’t sound much but is filling . Meat is ok despite the raw vegan cult fanatics, what ever works within your budget, tastes and social life as well. These are all things that people don’t consider when talking about nutrition lifestyle.

tubefluid says:

We need to get Corrina into some boots!

Jack Dalton says:

A pound of muscle is quite hard to build despite what people say, imagine 1 lb of steak and then add another 9 pounds to it. That 10 lbs of steak slap it on your body and you will realise that when people throw around I gained this much muscle in this or that time they are usually talking about glycogen, water, food volume, some fat and then a little muscle. A man or woman must get stronger regardless-This guy should do weighted chin ups, dips, handstand push up. military press, deadlifts etc.

bestofbestreview says:

try stemcell nutrition (SE2) for any disease or weight lose

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frazzled pots75 says:

what about the blood type diet is there any truth to that I am type A and it says I should not eat shellfish but eat other types of fish and no red meat or pork. well I dislike the taste of fish but I do like some shell fish. Is blood type factor in losing weight or a myth.
also thanks for the videos.

David Sweeney says:

Trouble is food is a drug, and the kind of food that makes us fat is loaded with addictive chemicals, such as sugar. Therefore, what is needed is counseling for addiction, cue Dr Ross….

mo bok says:

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Peterz29Boy says:

I would advise a whole foods plant-based diet. The lady is right but leave out the meats.

Gina G says:

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iPlatano07 says:

The calories vs calories out and the gym helped me lose weight fast

nmvd1987 says:

Great video, corrina

7Greyfort says:

The weirdest thing I tried were these plastic pants that you put on and they attached to a vacuum cleaner.  I’ve fasted, done Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers, Slim Fast, etc. I ate one meal per day for a year and a half. I just keep getting fatter and fatter.


Those weight watchers programs are so ghetto, I remember a friend dragged me along because she was losing weight so I thought I would lose a few. I lost quite a bit of weight and they awarded me a “golden star” like I’m still in kindergarten or something, but I remember what the person said at weight watchers “Oh you lost a lot of weight, well- it’s not going to happen again” it’s like.. yay, thanks for boosting my confidence by telling me I’m going to peak. they just tried to peddle products.

S Ann says:

hey that’s great! congratulations!

AnastaciaMUA says:

I just started my weightloss and healthy lifestyle journey about 3 months ago! Though I have changed a lot about my eating habits and have a good exercise and strength training schedule this video taught me a lot of things I didn’t know! I am a sucker for those 100 calorie snack packs! I guess they should go bye bye. Thank you for making this video and helping out a “noob”!! 30 lbs down and now hopefully many more to go but in a much better way!!

Bonker Bonker says:

Both so beautiful

matthew robison says:

I agree with her about eating better and exercise but not counting calories?! I have used counting calories to lose over 30 lbs…I like how it just boils down to eating ‘real food’ …if that’s what’s she’s doing then she looks pretty unhealthy

LosAngelesRunning says:

The easiest way to start making a change to your body and diet if you’re still too lazy or not dedicated to follow a good gym routine and diet… I’d say is quitting soda….eat your calories, don’t drink them. Baby steps

batfly says:


Mikail Z says:

Haha. People just want to spend their money.
Isn’t with less money for food and lazy activities you can less fat.
I don’t know in the USA. But here, fish and fresh vegetable is more cheaper.

fireengineer says:

I have a genetic problem with weight gain. Try to look for proper weight gain videos, they don’t exist. I agree with Mikail, we need a PT video on how to gain weight and not kill ourselves in the process. I can eat ANYTHING and not gain the weight, I eat a POOR diet all the time, my wife gets bigger I get nothing. I live in a fully developed 1st world country in Europe and have no uninvited guests, that I know of. I have relatives that are the same way. What can I do?

Mikail Z says:

Good documentary. Thanks.

Mikail Z says:

Maybe you’re right. I eat anything. I often drink sweet tea or coffee. And a lot more vegetables than meat. Sometimes without meat. I used to addicted to junk food like a year, but never becomes fat though.
I’m officially works outdoor. But most of the time there is no outdoor job. So i sit in front of screen a lot. Or just take a nap. But you’re right, I’m not staring at screen all of the times. It’s just make me sleepy after a hour.

Mikail Z says:

I’m normal. I just wanted the experience of being fat. My weight is about 56-60 kg and 169cm tall, i never check it out but likely around that.
I’m lazy person and I’m never work out. But i lift heavy thing everyday.
I used to consume drugs in highschool (meth, heroin). It’s already 5-6 years I’m not consume any of that. The myth said it make our body hardly to gain weight. Is that true?

batfly says:

I’ve never tried the “Fuck diet”

Sounds titillating.

Stikibits says:

Stop eating too much crap and do some exercise every day.
You can’t buy fitness, you work at it daily and it costs nothing.
Fuck diets and money making bullshit.

llwyd anwyl says:

hi juicing is fine – it’s a great supplementation – and you can certainly go a few days on juice alone!

Sam Adams says:

If you wanna lose weight optimally count your macros and if don’t lose weight lower either carbs or fat a bit or get your ass of the couch and exercise more. Simple

Alex Stamatakis says:

I’ve tried the low fat began diet and the low carb paleo diet. I didn’t find them suitable for me.

batfly says:

Watch the Asian guy closely in this Eating Experiment Documentary…

Why Are Thin People Not Fat? (Documentary)

batfly says:

Some… Less than some actually.

PsycheTruth says:

Wow Missy, thanks for sharing and glad you are feeling better!! Over the counter cleanses and weight loss products can be painful and even dangerous, so glad you realized the quick fix wasn’t working and went for another route. Belly fat is the most difficult to tackle. Full body cardio is necessary, also look up Anti-Inflammatory Diet, it can combat Metabolic Syndrome which is characterized by belly fat. Hope that helps?

batfly says:

First, the food you are eating is not processed… it does not have all the same amount of empty carbohydrates and sugar.

As well, I bet you are very active and don’t sit at a computer screen all day… Am I right?

PsycheTruth says:

Are you underweight or just trying to build muscle and bulk up? If you are underweight and unable to gain weight it could be something severe like a parasite or perhaps another condition preventing you from building muscle. Stress alone can prevent our bodies from functioning properly, so that could be a factor. Also your diet sounds really healthy so that could be why. Generally Asian people are thinner, but can become overweight easily on the USA diet.

Charlie Wallace says:

So I LOVE Corrina and Psychetruth! (And Beth, too!) I don’t go around hungry. I eat whenever I want to, just the right stuff: fruits and vegetables and legumes. Which some meat, too, but not as much as I used to. 90% of what I drink is just water (filtered). I used to eat a loaf of white bread/week. Corrina has convinced me to not eat bread at all. Just had my annual physical. My doc was amazed at my numbers! He said “Please continue your healthy lifestyle!” I feel GREAT!

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