Week 1 of Weight Loss Update

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itszaaaamzeh says:

Nigga you needa be under 200 pounds

TheTigerbomb2 says:


96tupac says:


Chuck Finly says:

And do not let anyone tell you that you are not able to do it or you wont ever reach that goal.

Because weather you reach that goal or not is up to you.

Chuck Finly says:

Also like many others have said you do not have to go to the gym to get in shape, its as simple as changing how you eat.

Another thing that I know you have done before is keeping track of what you do eat and a helpful tool to keep track of how much food you eat would be a cheap food scale.

They can help out a lot because you know how much of what you are eating and how many calories are in that said food with a quick and simple Google search.

Chuck Finly says:

Good job Wings!

Little motivational quote.

I started working out because I told my self if I worked out half the time I spent playing games I could be in great shape, and now I am. So for anyone that ever thought about starting to go to the gym or getting healthy dont worry about the time it will take because that time will pass if you go or not.

Just something I thought might be motivational for anyone that has ever thought about working out or getting healthy.

Keep up the good work.

al croes says:

i like this vid something new tired of call of duty

FAT -Jord says:

You dont have to do exercise to lose weight, ive just recovered from a stomach bug, and ive lost 3 stone in 3 days. My mum has been doing a diet, 1 week, she lost 9 pounds, she doesnt eat, has these milkshake things, and water, thats it. She’s losing alot of weight! ;P you can to wings! Good luck! Love ya bro!

daggerpaths says:

df agb89unjqer bnjfdfpugg you da man

sziss5 says:

Ezio’s hidden blade.

lboy1193 says:

I mostly listen to your commentaries, so this gameplay is just as good… if not better

CustardFactoryYT says:

I’d definitely like to see other games, but only the ones you like playing personally.

DubiousToast04 says:

I love when you use something other than call of duty. More Tomb Raider!

slyar2 says:

Prove all those haters wrong Wings

VaZxLeGeNd says:

Actually like to see other gameplay commentaries than just call of duty 

slyar2 says:

Wings, I wish you only the best. Stay strong

stonefoxhunter97 says:

I would love to see different games types!

brutalkilla23 says:

u got this wings!!!

T24Weigz says:

heres the deal. eat what YOU want, but not as much. thats how you tackle the eating part. As far as exercise goes, you have to WANT to do it. otherwise you’re not going to be motivated enough each day and wont follow through with your routine in the long run. Also when you have the need to eat something (snack) eat an apple. your body isnt craving a certain food, its craving food in general. your giving your body something to do whether u eat a burger or an apple. so why not go with the apple?

Feilx Wisniewski says:

this game looks dope

TheOnlyJeroen says:

Gameplay is fine wings

PrimerHD says:

Ezios vrist blade

MegaZippoking says:

Sounds like diabetese to me. Nice gameplay wings, refreshing to see something thats not blackops. You can lose the weight wings, keep it up 🙂

Ethan2955 says:

I like seeing new gameplay wings, its nice to see commentators posting videos other than just cod

wheremyjaffa says:

my sisters and the queens birthday is on the 21st!

lawson466 says:

Low blood sugar (Hypoglycemia) is not caused by your body not making sugar. It’s caused by your body over producing insulin. Insulin draws sugar out of your blood and into your cells as fat.Eating sugar is exactly the wrong thing to do with Hypoglycemia. It causes a momentary fix, followed by a sugar crash. Which causes you to eat even more. You must eat slowly digesting foods like protein, fat (in moderation) and complex carbs.Any sugar or simple carbs (like white bread) will make it worse.

Ezac zac says:

You got 402thunder making fun of you in his hack video

donmario94 says:

I was just gonna say this, but yeah, hell I’m pretty sure even fruit itself contains enough sugar to compensate for eating candy

GuyJ178 says:

I thought wings was on a diet this whole time

mikspo97 says:

As long as the comentary is good I dont care what it is in the background.

Everett Dort says:

You should go to ESAC, Wings.

Charlie Baldwin says:

you should try to get brandys bbq sauce on the shelf wings if it’s really that good.

favourites4 says:

You’re really 450 pounds? I thought like last year you were like 380?

H1mynameismitch says:

Dude I really think you should get your family to cook for you. From what I know, they live there rent free and not all of them work. They should be at the very minimum, cooking and helping you to loose weight, not having soda and crappy food around for them to enjoy the luxury of… Maybe you could try your hand at cooking too, it’s not even difficult. Watch Lethalfrag, he’s a big streamer on twitch/ex chef and he does cooking shows. They’re all simple things that are good for you.

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johnny000unleashed says:

wrist blade!

Axxiisify says:

Cmon wings you can do it man. I hope you follow through with this weight loss plan. Just a tip.
Force your self

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