Tooth whitening Glasgow – laser teeth whitening explained

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Betty M. Hazelwood says:

It is possible to lightening your teeth at home by using organic method. I
sure that you’ll satisfied with the outcome´╗┐

Estera Botosova says:

I don’t think u can take a video camera to the dentist´╗┐

William Hill says:

She only has six chins.

Nick Jones says:

No before and after picture? Time wasted

moeshaironraw says:

Her teeth looks white before I think so

MrPortrushman says:

do you think they are just covering the stainsmarks on the teeth? im
interested in getting it done, but not to sure. Any thoughts. thanks

Soul says:

yeah lol xD

Lydia M says:

looks like Shrek when he lines the gums with gel lol just saying, not

livamilAVA says:

their bleaching the teeth enamel….

livamilAVA says:


Soul says:

Just get some baking soda, a lemon or lime. First, put baking soda on
plate, break all the chunky bits. Next, cut a lemon or lime in halve and
squeeze the juice onto the baking soda. mix it and it should turn into a
paste. Then use brush your teeth with this once a week and you’ll get
whiter teeth.

FraxZzHD says:

watch that brithish black woman video much?

Maria Ruiz says:

how much is the procedure?

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