Teeth Whitening Routine | White Teeth FAST + FREE Kit!

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Hi gorgeous people! Today I show you how I whiten my teeth!
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Andrea Ramirez says:

COLLEGE VIDEO PLEASE!!!! btw your face is looking very chiseled, sickass
contouring girl!!! I love it 🙂 

alannahheartsmakeupxo says:

You are so pretty omg <3 And I kinda want to try this now haha

Annie Marie says:

Your outfit, nails, makeup, hair… I can’t get over it. ALL PERFECT.

supermakeupfeen says:

This video was really great! I can tell you’re trying not to talk as fast
and it’s really appreciated!!! Love you and your videos!!!

ItsMeCarina08 says:

Can you please do a video on the colleges you are applying to and your
SAT/ACT experience/scores? I know this will be helpful to a lot of your
viewers who are juniors/seniors!

leanne vanderham says:

I love your videos like this polina, where you tell us how good a product
is, I just ordered a tea from yourtea from watching your videos, please do
more reviews like this I love them♥️

Lindsay Marie says:

great video!

Emily N says:

You’re amazing! Ily! <3

allthingsandrea says:

I clicked the link! I hope I win!! I love your videos so much! Sending love
from Texas :)

Abibe Azizi says:

Polina! You should make a video talking about college, where you are going,
and your act scores! 

perezzashh says:

On the before and after pics…. How many applications did you girls do for
that result ? I would LOVEEEE A KIT

Stinna1234 says:

Finally a beauty guru that doesn’t do a whitening lighting video.

Ariane Fossey says:

Hi! Where is the link to enter the giveaway?

gtgirls02 says:

do you mix the whitening gel with desensitizing gel in the same tray?

Christina Gillespie says:

Are you supposed to use the whitening every few months or is it weekly like
the crest strips!? 

Kelly Guintu says:

I don’t mean for this to be a hate comment but how come one of her eyebrows
is darker than the other?(OUR right)

sadiekins21 says:

So funny! We both posted a video on smile brilliant today :-))) I hope to
see you at imats again! And the nyx party! xo

Melita hafizovic says:


Jordyn Katherine says:

Couldn’t find the link to your giveaway. But I’d love to be able to whiten
my teeth. It’s something I’ve always been self-conscious about. Your teeth
look great btw!

Reem Motan says:

Great video….I like how you mentioned that you can’t get teeth whiter
than what you were born with…and I love your outfit as usual!

Emma bourgeois says:

Can you please do an arm workout ps ily

xxmalmakeupxx says:

I loved this video

Spam alert: YouTube besties anyone? 

Haley says:

Where did you get that shirt?! It’s adorable!

emily nicole says:

Hey polina! Do you get acrylic nails?

sarah bear says:

hahaha turn on the captions

Beautyblingx says:

Will this hurt sensitive teeth? Because I have sensitive teeth like when I
use white strips so I’m wondering if this will make them hurt lol. But
great video !! <3 

Shannon Hall says:

I love you such a role model xxxxxx

Annabella Christiano says:

does it make your teeth sensitive to the cold or anything? or just
sensitive in general?

Raisa Slater says:

Love this! Could you do a ootd or ootw more to! ☺️☺️

beautybyessence says:

Can you do a video on SAT’s ? Aswell as applying for college? Love you

Linnea Ståhl says:

Where is the link to the giveaway? Ur stunning! :)

AmyLynneKay says:

I’m going to check out this brand!!! Yours and your moms teeth look
amazing! 🙂 I don’t have sensitive teeth EXCEPT when I use Crest White
strips. Last time I used them, my teeth were SO sensitive I was literally
crying, and it lasted 3-4 days! Since that experience I’ve been hesitant on
using anything else.

Suzi Guidroz says:

your gorgeous

hedleyloverforever81 says:

Love your channel and the effort you put into your video 

sabrina mccaffery says:

Contouring on point girl

Bailey Spiess says:

I’m really excited to give this a try because I’m getting my braces off
April 6 and wanted to have white teeth for my permit picture and family
pictures this summer 

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