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Dr. Stephen Boyce explains the benefits of a new weight loss surgery procedure called sleeve gastrectomy. He also points out why another type of weight loss surgery, gastric banding (also known as lap band surgery) is no longer recommended for patients due to the many complications it has caused. For more health information visit and our DrBobShow1 YouTube channel at
How would you recognise if a particular anti wrinkle cream is beneficial for your skin? Does it come from the advertisements? Is it your favourite artists promoting them? Did you personally seek doctor’s guidance? Wait! Think twice just before you walk off and obtain just any item. Don’t be effortlessly convinced and trust what most skin care corporations tell you about their stuff. Each individual is exclusive, so undoubtedly every person has a diverse skin type. This just means that, what works well with your pals and family members might possibly completely not work for you. Research shows that individuals [More]