In winter, skin dryness is the main problem people face. Because of this skin loses its glow and charm. This leads to many other problems also , like- signs of early aging, irritation etc. So in winter skin needs special in order to maintain moisture and glow of the skin. In today’s video we are suggesting some skin care tips for winter that can help you keep your skin moist, glowing and healthy in winter. Check out the video here. . सर्दियों में स्‍किन रूखी, टाइट और छिलने लगती है, जिस वजह से स्किन अपना निखार खो देती है । [More]
beautiful face tips i hope you like it and used full and enjoy after used
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Hi friends, in this video I discus about acne or pimple. It is a common problem for all. Here I use all ingredients are natural and easily available in the market or kitchen also. *****INGREDIENTS ***** Radish , Honey, Rose Water, Sandal wood Powder, Garlic Raw Turmeric, Clove, Basil (Tulsi), Tomato, Cinnamon. It is best ever acne or pimple treatment.It is non professional advise use it at your won risk.
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How I increase breast size Before you jump into the option of getting risky, painful and expensive implants to increase the size of your breasts, you can actually enhance breast size naturally. Of course, when it concerns your body, it is always important to think about your health and your safety above anything else. Here are some of the options you can have to get those curves and build more confidence without going under the knife. Foods that enhance breast size naturally Although they may not ensure that you get that desired size when you eat these breast-enhancing foods, it [More]