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The ingredients for this beauty care mix are leaves of Iron wood tree, barks of Lodhri, turmeric, tree turmeric and nut grass. Take all the ingredients in equal measure and grind together after sprinkling enough water to obtain a paste. The paste thus obtained is applied on the body and when the skin starts to shrink as the paste dries, wipe off the paste. After wiping, wash the body clean with lukewarm water. For more details click on http://www.indiavideo.org/beauty/herbal/smooth-skin-natural-treatment-4746.php
With age, you cannot argue but you cannot reconcile with the appearance of the first wrinkles and changed oval face. It is known that all women would like to keep as long as possible the youthfulness of their face with smooth and glowing skin. Therefore, many people use the face mask at home which can preserve to its former elasticity and skin tone. Facial mask are an inherent part of many women for face skin care. After all, with the help of cosmetics we women can keep and restore a healthy complexion, skin tone, saturate it with vitamins and minerals, [More]
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