Glow Skin Brightening Facial Scrub gently and effectively buffs away dead skin cells while evening out skin tone for a bright, youthful appearance.
Anti Aging Moisturizer Cream – Best Beauty Spa Skin Care Products for Women – Removes Wrinkles – Fine Lines – Non Greasy Oil-Free Feeling – For Face Under Eyes and Neck – Lifts Tightens Rejuvenates Repairs – Leaves Your Skin with a Radiant Glow – Peptide Rich – Vitamin C – Our Premium High Potency Formula with Matrixyl � and Hyaluronic Acid – Perfect for Any Skin Type – 1 Oz Airless Pump – A Great Anti Wrinkle System for Men Too – A Perfect Gift For Mom – No Questions Asked Satisfaction Guarantee Review
Well I’m happy with the end results. I did get the full shade of color as promised but I had to seriously up the dosage and use it longer than 3 days! Pros: 1.) I did get the end result color on the bottle as promised 2.) It didn’t wash off or rub off on my clothes *woo hoo* 3.) Very even and natural color 4.) Cheap. I got it from Walmart for $7.99 5.) Gentle. Very creamy, gentle formula. 6.) Smell good. It smelled good and the smell doesn’t linger like other tanning lotions. Cons: 1.) Took longer than [More]