Stretch Mark Experiment (Bio Oil vs. Coco Butter) – Part 1

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Check Out My Website I hate the stretch marks on my side, seriously the disturb me and as I lose weight I want to also get rid of them. In this experiment I use coco butter on one side and bio oil on the other, I show you the starting pics and as time goes ill update you on the results. Enjoy !! Song Etana- Happy Heart


LoomisPontonen554 says:

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WhenTheNightHasCome9 says:

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zinia khan says:

that website is obviously a scam.

Rajce89 says:

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lucifferss says:

can i have your abs im so jealous

Marking0ut says:

Me too! It helped tightens, lifts and smooths my skin on
my buttocks & upper thighs with floor of exercises. It
was worth a penny. Ive never looked this great before.
But girl, you interchange the site name. That should be:

Emma Alexander says:

arganrain the best :))

MochiCocoa92 says:

thankyou for posting this soo much :)

Angela Louro says:

Argan Oil…The Eraser…
This Argan Oil has acquired tremendous fame as a preventive and curative cosmetic product against stretch marks…It is very easily penetrable and absorbable oil leaving a silky feel…Rich in antioxidants…Argan oil is naturally formulated to work in synergy with other essential components to substantially and quickly reduce the stretch marks… Here is a good site for pure and organic argan oil w…arganrainproducts…com

Michelle Moultrie says:

If you apply crushed up bayer and mix with water to create a paste and that should take the keloid away if its still there

thesallygurl1 says:

Girl i used to be that way but now i dont care i wear whatever i want people dont even notice

EmLiLahKyyboa says:

if you dry brush over daily and use shea butter! i birthed four times and no stretch marks well just a few faint tiny ones on breasts that are slight shimmer in the sun. i am also mostly raw food vegetarian and i do yoga. BTW i think you are really beautiful!!

mmoneyitswhereitsat says:

You look great! I was like she does NOT weigh 180 lol but then i realizewd you lost weight congrats!

43ANGELAB says:

cont 3 ) You have beautiful face and you speak like an educated young women. And let me be the first to inform you Queen to Princess. All those photos you see are Airbrushed no one is perfect No ONE. Congratulations on the weight lose , OMG let me be the first to inform you Young Princess if you watch and take care of anything in life let it be your weight. NEVER , NEVER let it get out of control again. Its real hard after 35 to lose weight Peace Queen Angela

43ANGELAB says:

Cont 2) you are very light , go to the tanning bed several times . Also use an alpha hydroxy acid , This is used to peel layers of skin off the face , can be used on stretchmarks. Not to make them go away but to help the fading out. Just always remember all women have slight flaws. And trust me men don’t care If some man has an issue of a few stretchmarks, what will he do when your 50 and fat and losing teeth and hair? beauty is always fleeting sweety.

43ANGELAB says:

I came by your video by mistake, I just wanted to say your a beautiful young woman and I as a grown arse woman of 45 years of age can tell you Don’t waste your time or money. Creams such as coco butter keep your skin supple to PREVENT stretchmarks,nothing you can use will remove them. All you can hope for is to FADE them . I will tell you what we white girls do, we tan them out. Its a trick of the eye .

ShaqFuable says:

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CapriClear says:

Coconut oil is great but some people are allergic to it. The best thing I’ve ever tried on myself and my kids is capriclear which is colorless, odorless and hypoallergenic fractionated coconut oil. Its the best part of pure coconut oil without the bad stuff. Capriclear is the purest part of coconut oil, filtering everything else out.

bdbailydown says:

I thought the same thing. I am pregnant and it has done NOTHING for my stretching but make me break out and itch. I have tried everything. Stretch marks will come and be there forever. 🙁 Whatever though. Can’t wait to meet my baby!!

philosophic9 says:

girl wha u talking about “stretch mark”? That aint nutn. I’ll grab you by the waist and lead you to the bedroom, “Streatch mark” or not.

nidisha says:

thank you for uploading this!

infiniteHOPE28 says:

I have the SAME color of stretch marks as you on my hips!

infiniteHOPE28 says:

I am the same exact way!

May Raj says:

Girl ! I’m 120 and I have strech marks !
What am I ginna do when I gain my 60 pounds from college !?

thankyoujulianne says:

i use bio oil on my face and all my scars are fading away.(acne scars). it actually made my skin glow more too. i use it on my piercing that i didn’t want no more and that has fade too. i love bio oil. i recommend it.

anders fleines says:

If you want get real cocoa butter for removing stretchmarks or scars you should look for the cococare yellow stick at great price and if you use the referral code daj756 you will get $5 off on your first order

kery honey says:

instead of insulting the people who are trying to find a solution to their problem, you should give some suggestion “Mr or Ms I Know Everything”. People like you make the world a worse place.Stupid bully

josephineratzinger says:

stop with this stupid non-sense of cocoa butter, sheabutter and stretch marks. These things don’t do SHIT for stretch marks. Stretch marks can’t be erased with laser, nor with surgery, not even with Stem Cells technology, do you really think a shitty, greasy shea butter will make a difference? You are all so dumb and delusional

shelly7160 says:

Why do different people have different color stretch marks? Mine are white.

poodlestar1 says:

u dont look fat …. and which 1 was better

TheAfrican22 says:

No one is perfect. Even those celebs out there, looking all perfect (lies). Try Dermablend hun. For when you wear your bikini, because you have a nice bod. I use it all the time for vacations, because I had a baby girl and lot a stretch marks on my tummy. She sure was worth it tho. LOL! So even in the water the Dermablend does not melt in the water. It covers tattoos and everything. Try it. 😀 Hope this helps…

ColaaLove says:

Bio Oil Did Not Work For Me .

ohhsamanthaaa says:

i have light stretch marks on my stomach from sudden weight gain. cus i went through a depressed phase where i ate a lot. and idk what to do cus they make me feel sad!

PixiEoShr00mZ says:

what happened..?!?!?! which worked

uniqueslims1 says:

props to u black onyx!!!! u’re really a diva, very bold!!!!

KaylaS27 says:

Soooo….. What were the results? Can’t seem to find a update video.

Superstar33000 says:

this is not spam but i just wanted to say you can get the small bottle and the big bottle of bio-oil in a value pack for 22 bucks at costco in case anyone wanted to try it. i just bought some on monday and i think it’s working i’m not sure. i’m giving it three months

sirgigglez says:

theres no hope i just gotta deal with it

Qtee4eva16 says:

umm i have stretch marks by my thighs/ butt too from growing but mine arent darker then my skin…theyr actually lighter but idk y. most remedies get rid of them buy lightening them but i need 2 get them darker, i really need some help!!

notascuteasme says:

LMBO!!! I know right!


i wasso in a rush to get tha stretch marks away , tha oil wasnt fast enough so i gave it away… i start usin the 100% african shea butter annd it definately works! specially for our skin

Jamaikangurl says:

Just got mine tonight from CVS. They were $11.99. but they have $2 off right now. SO it cost $9.99

Jamaikangurl says:

Just got mine tonight from CVS. They were $11.99. but they have $2 right now. SO it cost $9.99

beeashlea says:

i got a tattoo to cover the stretch marks on my sides and on my calf. it seemed like nothing was helping. i spent a total of 4 years with products trying to get rid of stretch marks, i religiously used products and they did nothing

TheViva11 says:

I think Palmers Cocoa Butter is good. EVERY summer I get bit by mosquitos and they leave marks and the cocoa butter takes it away. Just got to put it on day and night and stay committed to it cause it could take a awhile depending on the person but it does takes it away.

thegame52291 says:


MissHIPPObum says:

Scuzeme but…WHERE IS PART 2

TheSpiderPig360 says:

sexy voice <3

divalizzous says:

I have the real Bio-Oil and it was a complete waste of my money. I’m starting to think my skin is resistant to everything!

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