Shattering weight loss plateaus!

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Close A lot of people report that they make good progress losing weight at first but then their progress stalls. Lets first look at some of the reasons that your fat loss progress can stop: 1) You have lost weight but not adjusted your caloric intake downward, this is the #1 reason for stalling. Remember that each time you lose 5lbs you need to recalculate your caloric requirements and adjust it downward. 2) The initial rapid ‘weight loss’ was just water loss. When you cut carbs and salt, a lot of water can be shed in the first few weeks. This is not weight loss! Fluctuations in your sodium intake can make wild weight swings. 3) The initial weight loss was because your weight was not measured properly. Even with an accurate scale, your weight can be off by up to 12 pounds! Please see my video on how to weigh yourself accurately. 4) You are too lean already. Your body needs a certain amount of fat (~6% for men, ~12% for women) and attempting to drop below that the body rebels. Lowering bodyfat further without loss of muscle requires tricking the body with something like carb cycling. 5) Your caloric intake is not what you think. You are not calorie counting accurately. You are not weighing/measuring everything or are not taking into account calories hidden in things like condiments and beverages. 6) Your have too drastically cut your calories and are fasting which burns muscle. When your fat loss has stalled, hit the reset button on your weight loss program


arif hadi says:

My classmates laughed when I told them I was going to burn calories with Trim Fat Maximizer, but then I showed them the results. Go google Trim Fat Maximizer to see their reaction.

Paul G says:

Bitch ain’t moving

MJSEdgar says:

u has to be on da roidz

MyKnf says:

Hi Scooby.. I’m from Uk but been working in Saudi for 2.5 years.. I’m 51 and thanks to your outstanding advice, tips and enthusiasm I have dropped 60Lbs since following a proper nutritional meal plan and daily cardion.. fitter now than I was in my 30’s.. Keep up the posts my friend.. Kev.

scooby1961 says:

loseitDOTcom or myfitnesspal

scooby1961 says:

Doesnt sound like you need luck, you are in pretty good shape! True about bodyfat. Being very low bodyfat is a liability as a swimmer. Obese people float like bobbers.

Ed Jr. says:

Scooby this is your best one yet. Wtf is with the background. Pissed my pants lol

scooby1961 says:

It is NOT possible to make your wrists or ankles bigger … but who would want to? The smaller your wrists are, the bigger it makes your arms look!! 🙂 Be happy for your small wrists!

TheTobmista says:

Scooby this is totally unrelated to the video but do you know any way to build thicker wrists and calfes? I am fairly muscular but my wrists and calfes are so skinny and it really bugs me

Michael Kad says:

Hi Scooby, big fan. I have been following your intermediate workout plan on your blog. I complete the sets(x3) in about 20 to 30 minutes exluding cardio, but according to your plan it sould take me about an hour. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance.

kay -gell says:

I’ve been following you for a long time no. And I just want to say thank you for everything you’re doing.
Not just your videos but your website which is filled with so much usefull information and tools and it’s all for free!
I really appreciate all the time and effort you are putting in this just to help people out like us.
I don’t think people always realise how time consuming it must be for you.
So therefor, thank you a lot!

Kaito Samanusekae says:

Hey scooby, I want to learn how to become a better swimmer, So i can be ready to become a USAF Pararescue, Im not fat or skinny, im quite ripped at 150 Lbs @ 17yrs and i have very little fat on me. But in physics, Muscle SINKS in water, And FAT Floats on water. And we all know that the better you stay above water, the better you swim. I don’t want to gain weight, i just want to learn what workout will make me a more powerful swimmer and be a better runner, Please help me, Also wish me luck 😀 <3

AsianStyled says:

What site/program do you recommend to count calories?

FRIDAYin AlFirdous says:

That women in the back lost 10 pounds.

007cambon says:

Hey scooby can you do a video in response to this video,( TMW: Does High Intensity Cardio Ruin Muscle Gains ).

Ian McCarthy says:

I made a video response to Scooby about his misinformation. Scooby may be a good guy but his information is questionable. Sketch much?

LookOut4Detoxx says:

Oh wait, now she is!

LookOut4Detoxx says:

I’m sorry to say that the woman rowing isn’t getting very far

Seth Krattiger says:

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MrChoad436 says:

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43fd89 says:

I agree, most of these “supplements” are just faith-based snake oiling business. Look at how ancient greeks and romans ate: it was just beans, bread, milk, olives and some meat, not whey powder, creatine, vitamin pills and other fancy EXPENSIVE stuff. Bodybuilding is a multi-billion industry.

Kyr Ydonas says:

scooby. i disagree highly with what you say about loosing water weight during the first weeks.
You DO loose fat in the first 5-6 weeks FAST. Ive dieted myself from 90 kg to 76, and i trained other people too, and kept track of their fatloss progress with bodyfatcalipers and weight scales.
The thing is simple:
first 2 days: 2-3kg Water loss
first 6 Weeks: very good weight loss, no visible muscle/power losses
6-8 week: Plateau! (here you need willpower)
from 8th week: moderate fat/slow muscle loss

1966pikupstix says:


NiccasAreUs says:

everyone should take a protein supplement everyday. After every workout and anytime you don’t have the time to eat a meal.

donx009 says:

Make a video on protein powder, people are still confused about it. For example, do beginners have to take protein powder?, should they have to take em with every meal of the day?.

MrEdusystems says:

she’s not asian, she’s southamerican, probably from Peru or Bolivia from her clothes

jeetfromusa says:

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mushroomtip21 says:

Best natty alive.

Zxer34 says:

Is the background somewhere in south America?

Glenn Benzan says:

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southenskys says:

will be giving you advice a go .proof is in the pudding and you look like pretty good proof thanks.

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