REMOVE ACNE SCARS FAST {DIY Beauty} | Dark Spots Pimples Acne Treatment ✔ Himani Wright

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Totoro Leaf says:

Hopefully this works because I’m 11 and I’m depress with my acne scars

Priy Patel says:

How long should u keep the mask on ur face for?

Himani Wright says:

It definitely does. 🙂 You can use this scar treatment anywhere on tge body, and it works like a charm! 🙂

Khue Nguyen says:

hi, do this way can treat the scars on the body? If not, do you have any ways to remove those? Thks for this useful video.

aasifa sheikh says:

hey himani… great treatment.. … and ya great giveaways dear.. congrats.. hugs..

Sunghyo2002 says:

If I don’t put the tumeric will it be effective?

Komal Sukhani says:

Great video tho :)))

Komal Sukhani says:

And how to also remove the turmeric stains ?

Komal Sukhani says:

How long do i keep the mask on for?

lolo neverlasting says:

I don’t have the turmeric would it still work without it ?

Himani Wright says:

aww..welcome to my YouTube family, Sowbhagya! 🙂
This recipe is great for dark spots as well. It really works like a charm. Please try it out. I will also make another video very soon on how to get rid of pigmentation and dark spots.
Please don’t forget to hit like and share if you like this video.
Much love xx

Sowbhagya Gajjala says:

Hey Himani 🙂 Wonderful Videos really. So glad I found you 🙂
I’ve got these dark spots and a bit of pigmentation on my face specially around my mouth..Could you please….please.. be a doll and help suggest some homeremedy which works fast? Thanks in advance, xoxo

Himani Wright says:

aww….I know what you are going through, hon! In my early teens I had those on the sides of my face, on my back and legs. 🙁 This recipe helped me sooooo much!
Here, if you need reminding, you are still beautiful…both inside and out!
Please make sure that you stick to the quantity and frequency of use that I mentioned in this video. From experience, with deep acne scars it takes a while, BUT it removes it from deep within, not just superficially! Having a friend support you helps a lot! <3 u

Himani Wright says:

Hi Prema! You can skip the turmeric and it’ll still be very effective! 🙂 Turmeric is anti-bacterial so it stops the breakouts from spreading all over. But the other ingredients are REALLY effective in removing acne scars! 🙂 Hope that helps!

Himani Wright says:

Thanks so much, Lina! I’m sooo happy that my DIY beauty tips are helping you. As a precautionary measure, try using the same amount of turmeric that I mentioned in the video. If you’ve done that and you find that your skin still turned a little yellow, then fixing that is REAALY EASY! :)) Yay! So take a bit of milk powder and pour a little water on top of it (or just simply use milk), massage it into the skin for 30 sec to a minute, and wipe it with cotton wool pad. 🙂
Lots of love! xoxo

Prema Sawant says:

Hi himani, I just love all ur videos.. I want to try dis mask. Wanna know if dis works if I skip Turmeric coz m allergic to it. Pls let me know. And want to know if u know any remedy for pores.

26Purplerain says:

Hi Im a new subscriber:-) love your videos they are super helpful. Would this remedy work for deeper acne scars? Do you know of any treatments that will smooth acne scarring fairly quick? I suffer really deep acne scars on the side of my face and what my Doc calls Ice Pick scars on my cheeks they are making me so unhappy and i have a very special event soon so can you help recommend something i could use to help fade them quicker and make them less noticeable. Thanks so much:-)

Himani Wright says:

Also, hon, make make sure that you follow the directions in the video to see how often you can use it, and how long to keep it on for. For this one, please apply it only 2-3 days. Try not to use it everyday, hon..
Lots of love to you and your yet unborn baby! aww…that’s special! :):)

Himani Wright says:

aww…THAT”S AWESOME that this recipe worked for you so well, hon!!! 🙂
It has been my go-to recipe for years as well. Works like a CHARM! 🙂
Your husband found this video for you…awww…that’s sooo sweet! 🙂
Welcome to my YouTube family, and I’m so excited that you are going to be trying my beauty recipes. They are based on an ancient (5000 years old) science of well being and health called Ayurveda. Please don’t forget to share me videos…who knows..they may help someone else as well 🙂

SawaneeKimbirli says:

I tried this recipe the other night and the next morning was the first time since being pregnant that I didn’t have a ton of white pussy bumps on my face. I was so skeptical at first, but am now glad my husband found this video for me. I’m gonna try your other recipes as well. Thank you!

kausarsameer says:

Can i use juice from watermelon stored long back?

Himani Wright says:

Yay! Welcome to my YouTube family! 🙂 Baking soda can easily be found in any supermarket, and you can find turmeric in any health food store or Indian grocery store 🙂

Himani Wright says:

aww..thanks for your love, Shahana! <3 My new video is up now 🙂

Himani Wright says:


Himani Wright says:

true, they really do! 🙂 I have a different recipe for it which I’ll share with you very soon! It evens out the skin tone

Himani Wright says:

My new video is up now, Ayesha! 🙂 Sorry I was recovering from flu 🙁

Himani Wright says:

Yes, they work on all skin tones, Justin:) In my videos I always mention the quantity of turmeric that people of different skin tones can use.
Every recipe is different and I mention things like – how to use it, when and how many times- in all my videos 🙂
Hope that helps! xx

Himani Wright says:

You may want to store it in a BPA free airtight container like I mentioned in the video, Dina.. It won’t evaporate then 🙂 🙂
Try usng the deep cleanser and acne spot treatment that I mentioned in the previous acne video, along with this recipe hpm.. It will give you AMAZING results! 🙂

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