Olay Anti Wrinkle SPF 15 Mature Skin Day Cream Review

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Olay Anti Wrinkle SPF 15 Mature Skin Day Cream Review

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Tina Shah says:

Hey why dont you do a video on a moisturiser you do like and would
recommend, so maybe us old ladys/ mums could try lol. 

Tina Shah says:

Hi, it was nice your sister was back on your channel but the only downside
i will say is, first what does an old lady/ mum smell like, im not old but
i am a mum and trust me i dont smell like a moisturiser. The second thing
is you talk about the cream and all its benefits , such as anti wrinkle,
later on you will proberly see the benefits, and plumping skin, then at the
end of your video you say this moisturiser is not your thing tho, very
confusing video, mix feeling. 

itsbhavisha says:

im glad i came across your channel, sub for sub?

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