Male Enhancement Supplement That Actually Works – PHGH review by VICTOR – TV!

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Hey guys, this is me Victor reviewing John Lawrence’s male enhancement pill. For more information, go to Thanks for watching.


duncan marin benitez says:


Deena D. Murry says:

It is possible to enhance your erection size at your home, invest just 6
minutes per day, using only the hands

FluffyNotFat says:

WARNING!!! do not take this product. gave me an inflamed liver and almost
died. after 14 days of taking it i felt like i was on the verge of a heart
attack. when receiving treatment from multiple doctors(6 to be exact) said
they would never recommend this product to anyone. why you ask? let me tell
you. this product is cheaply made from daily things like…meat/cheese and
all that good stuff. what they dont tell you is that its an overdose of the
things your body is already getting. some of these ingredients are very
harmful to your body. why do you think its not FDA approved? this is about
the 6th phgh ive commented on so all you guys dont get ripped off and end
up with thousands of dollars in medical bills like i did. go figure my
comments have been deleted from previous posts. why? because phgh would
rather sell you poison than have you know the truth!!!!

Gabriel Bruce says:

Since I’ve been taking Prolargent 5×5 Extreme, I have became aroused
without having to do any touching or anything(bye bye erectile
dysfunction). I really can’t say how good this has made me feel. 

Jesse Jefferson Sampaga says:

I have a question about this. I’m 19 and when my penis is on normal it is
small but when it gets hard it’s kind of okay .. but does this product
helps my dick get fatter and longer? Advice pls.

casanovaninja007 says:

can you please tell me if this PHGH realy works…….. i tryed so many
pills that didnt do a dam thing, please help me out befor i try anything
else, does this pilss make you bigger in size ????

Jesse Wright says:

i just ordered a month supply today….CAN’T WAIT!

John Lawrence says:

A satisfied customer reviews PHGH! Click to watch his short video review.
He also reviews other supplement on his channel.

Mason Cromwell says:

Victor reviews PHGH!


Of all the Libido enhancement remedies I have tried , this one is
remarkably good. The only drawback is that you need to take 2 at a time so
the bottle gets empty very fast.But the effects are strong and work well
and the cost is well worth it especially for us who are aging and need a
little help.

Tim Johnson says:

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Fiddleplayercowboy says:

im about to get this phgh in a week, im now 41 and I need to know how well
it works,for almost 4 years I was taking libido max,but stoped because of
the yohimbe side affects…I hope this product is better I don’t want the
jitters or sickness getting in the way.please tell me when you get a chance
how well this works…

Fiddleplayercowboy says:

i just ordered a bottle 2 days ago and cant wait to start trying the best
on the market…ohhhhhh and john Lawrence,i have no doubt that this is

Tim Johnson says:

Good video, but I have to tell you……. The only thing that works for
penis enlargement is the sizetrac penis extender. I have been using the
sizetrac penis extender to get a big dick. The results are natural
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Fiddleplayercowboy says:

this stuff is the best.i got it today when I checked the mail,and my wife
said take 2 so I made a sandwich to have something in my stomach.well
within 5 minutes I was already feeling great!!! I kinda had the shakes but
maybe I didn’t eat enough.but wow!!!ohhhh and my wife said she is pleased
and will make sure I never run out of phgh…she said she will order
another bottle this week…………2 thumbs up!!!

Omegaknucklesaltenan says:

This has scam written all over it.

steve johnson says:

ı bought and use it.beacause of this product my sexual became amazing.

BringAsongOnAbanjo says:

@paparts98 Glad it worked for you also! I just purchased that program
offered by the site: a couple of days ago. So far, I
have enjoyed a harder more “full” penis! That was an awesome program!
Highly recommended.

John Lawrence says:

Thanks for the review Victor this is an awesome video! Be sure and contact
me if you have any questions about PHGH. -John

frank says:

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