How to Treat Dry Hands | Winter Skin Care Tips | Beauty How To

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The Winter chill is coming, and that means cracked hands may be in your future. But when you’re plagued with dry digits as the temperature dips, you don’t ha…


Maria Del Russo says:

That’s a great idea, Ayen. We’re listening! Stay tuned!

Maria Del Russo says:

Thanks so much! The shirt is actually from Hurley.

Maria Del Russo says:

Thanks for pointing this out, Sara. It’s always best to test drive a new product before you dive headfirst!

Maria Del Russo says:

That’s a great tip, Kim! Thanks!

Sara Prendergast says:

You want to be a little careful with coconut oil. I have extremely dry skin, and coconut oil flakes my skin. So test it before going all the way in.

TheLY69N says:

OMG Maria Del Russo is so gorg’ ! Love your hair and shirt <3
From France.

Ayen Cruz says:

Pls pls do a video on the best makeup primers/serum/moisturizer for winter! Im from the midwest and the winter weather is awful here! I cant go out w/o makeup though,i still wanna look fab!

Missyplaymate3 says:

Thank you for making this video. I need this 🙂

Kim Gardner says:

You could use the coconut oil and sugar combo to exfoliate your lips too, as long as the coconut oil is food grade!!!

Jessica Nelson says:

I love loccitane shea butter lotion it is soo mosturizing

shaundie9974 says:

Going to try this!

OoOoOBrookeOoOoO1 says:

My issue is I wash my hands A LOT and don’t like to put lotion on my hands because whenever I touch something it’s gets all greasy o.- SO my hands are cracked, dry and very red :/

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