How I Lost Weight ♡ Weight Loss/Healthy Living ♡ Before & Afters – “How To Lose Weight”

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Hope this helps in some way shape or form. Please do not be too harsh on me, this is all I did, I’m not a pro or anything. This is just how I did it even though it didn’t seem like much. Any more questions ask them below and I will do follow up videos on my vlog channel the calorie counter is “myfitnesspal” use it, honestly, it helps SO much. 🙂 I am currently 163ish cm tall and weigh 56 kilos, size 6-8 in NZ (different to USA sizing etc) VLOG CHANNEL FACEBOOK: TWITTER: @xoshaaan INSTAGRAM: @shaaanxo Forbusiness enquiries, my email is SIGMA BRUSHES: If you want to buy brushes, here is my link to the Sigma website – I have some reviews on these brushes and you’ll see I use them in some of my tutorials 🙂 Camera I used to record this video: Canon EOS 60d Editing: done by me on iMovie NZ Hautelook/Cheap Makeup Site:


Teegsvlogx says:

Thank you for this video!! 🙂 

Msbubblyify says:

me too if I had a penis. But it’s called *lesbian*

jennalkbeauty says:

you are so fake barbie is jealous

maggester says:

You look great girl, thanks for the video! 🙂

Destinee Elkins says:

this really Helped me so much. Thank You!!! :)))

arianabebe62 says:

Thx. Great vidoe!! Ur body shape is like mine except my butt is bigger due to soo much squats !

Makaveli Moon says:

You’re a really good size!

1pedroafonso says:

drum and bass sound 25:00

carlabean007 says:

I lost 23 pounds and i have lack of boobies too=[ Its depressing.

Vikusenka7 says:

Wow, you look much better now!!! and nice make-up

fcarrillo952 says:

Your sooo cutee , omfgg id go gay for youu . & you have an amaizingggg skin tone & your body is beaitiful :3

AkumaExorcistxX says:

If you hate something, learn to love it (only when it’ll give a positive effect ofc! xD)

ScarlettSil says:

hey thanks! I kinda know this .. the problem is that.when bored I tend to crave sweet X thanks again ! Ill do my best !

bluemck1 says:

thankyou this is very helpful and honest. and congratulations, you look great

Stevenblackburn1992 says:

The reason is because your brain Requires Protein and Good fats to function. If you dont have your good fats like poly and monounsaturated fats in flax seeds or any type of nut then you are going to crave sugary products. Put healthy fats on your veggies plus eat a lean protein and you’ll do fine 🙂

Rachel Mary says:

where do you get all of your dresses and skirts from ?!

ScarlettSil says:

I cannot stop eating sweet DAMN ! failure

geetanjali pathak says:

hey that’s actually great ..that u lost 22 lbs ..even i want to loose some weight ..can u please temme how many days u lost that much of weight ???

Hannah Garrison says:

so inspiration! i was wondering WHERE DID YOU GET THAT DRESS AT 22:37

3Sepii13 says:

i’m eating Hershey’s cookies n’ creme drops while watching this, and it feels gooooddd 🙂

SeanKimStyle says:

Could you check out my first youtube video, please?

I understand your time is valueable, it’s only 40 seconds long and it’ll entertain you for 40 seconds, possibly inspire you to take an action!!

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Nadine Bradley says:

she has an accent… your stupid accent is annoying to her lol

cominup85 says:

adverts and too long.

MakeUpMuneca14 says:

i was wondering if you did a makeup tutorial on this if you iddnt please do (:

jazzybaby449 says:

Omg, you are so pathetic its actually so funny :L why the hell are you watching it then?. idiot.

Paulie Dahl says:

I really want to watch this video but her accent just won’t let me… 🙁

veroniblue says:

great video, thanks for sharing…..i did a very similar thing, i got right into myfitpal and noticed through logging everything where i really needed to make changes. my calorie intake was ridiculous, so i brought that down under 1200 and i have lost 22lbs so far and i am still working on another 28 to get to a healthy weight for my height.

welshbeef3 says:

walking is exercise 🙂

NessieSauce says:

Her voice is annoying .

malibuperseus says:

Super motivated right now. Thank you so much!

malibuperseus says:

My fitness pal :)

gabby lemass says:

This video was so helpful! I have watched heaps of videos on weight loss but none of them really went into the physiological stuff.

shakeyoursmoothie says:

Whats the app can someone answerrrrr

thelatebloomer11 says:

You’re such a beautiful person inside out. It’s so nice of you to share these things to us. Very helpful. ^.^

**Beautiful people here, please visit my channel (and subscribe too if you like). I’m hoping to get to 400 subbies by end of this week. I have a new video up too: “Hyuna’s Makeup Look – Gangnam Style”. Thanks and God bless you all. <3**

TheLolalee says:

Take your trannsexual female hating ass back to your basement freak , creepy old man, telling women to get ugly fake body parts over their real beautiful ones!

MrSweeTzx says:

AHAHAHHAHA LOVE 16.03-16.06 ahahahhahaha hotty though !!!! 😀

Fatlossshakes says:

Best and safest way To Lose Weight

mabelmatilda says:

This is my first time seeing your videos and I clicked on a video from 2011 when you had dark hair, I went to your channel and I was like is this the same girl…….? I literally thought you were someone else, you look so much better & I downloaded the app and WILL start tomorrow! 🙂

Isabel Jewell says:

Watchedthe whole video and signed up for myfitnesspal. 🙂
#Motivated! 🙂

mountaindew492 says:

this video just may have changed my life! seriously. i used to have a great body but gained about 25 pounds. im a junior in highschool and im not fat but im chubby and its seriously taking over my life.. i quit cheer and dance because of the mirrors and pictures and i dont take pictures with my friends or go to dances.. i thought losing weight would be so hard but this makes me realize that i can do it! thank you! starting right now. (:(:(:

aigg says:

This summer I went from 258 lbs/117 kg to 191 lbs/87 kg in three months. It turns out; if you exercise enough, you can pretty much eat whatever you want and still lose weight.

xxtonibalonixx says:

thank you <3

LovelyColey211 says:

Thank you for sharing 😀 .You did a wonderful job, such a topic puts everyone in a vulnerable place anyway. Sadly, people always have something to say whether you’re failing or succeeding.

alimorri100 says:

thank you if you want to reduce tummy fat

alimorri100 says:

thank you very much

aponiaa says:

New Zealand - she says in the beginning

SouLone06 says:

are you Australian?

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