How Can we be perfect – Bodybuilding Documentary

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Men’s Physique’ is a new class which has burst onto the international bodybuilding scene in the past couple of years. While showcasing a commercial, attainab…


stlgtrace says:

Bodybuilding is mostly a gay sport, but that’s okay! I’m a bodybuilder and
I’m gay so it’s great!

Justin Thomas says:

They keep saying “athletes”… what sport are they playing again?

Marco Vinicio Silva Orozco says:

castellano carajo

Mark Cynic says:

Lol@ “athletes”! Tossers is a much better desription. Speed wanking would
be a sport, it’d be objective, bodybuilding never can be, it’s subjective
like any other art, floral arranging for example…

Anthony Intensity says:

Frank Zane!!!!

Thore Jonasson says:

I don’t like the physiques, today’s bodybuilders try to achieve, it’s just
quantity over quality. What about the good old classy physiques made in the
60s and 70s?

David Weaver says:

They keep saying “fitness and health” in this movie, but the sport is not
about health. I guess it’s loosely attributable to fitness, but most of the
guys who are called fit couldn’t run a 7 minute mile – they have too much

Jim Grant says:

Natural bodybuilding is the way of the future. The drug fueled physiques of
the Mr. Olympia competitors have turned professional bodybuilding into a
freak show and a very unhealthy way of life.

Mithras Demigod says:

What does ms. Universe and mr. Olympia have in common?
They win by majority opinions from the judge not by skill used to with a
match like football or basketball in short its a pageant. 

KingsWorld2015 says:

Craig is in prison, sucking all sorts and cocks

dABiGfATLol says:

lol fit girl = bella falconi :D

I dont Know says:

Female bodybuilders are so disgusting and unsexy .

David Lind says:

am i the only one that got a bit fed up with that asian guy claiming natty
all the time?

JBL Pyro says:

no one is natural in any event in bodybuilding….even natural shows lol

BillyRay Ledoux says:

20 year old (natural) bodybuilder lmfao fuk off hes juicing hard

nightraven4 says:

3% bodyfat on that black chick yeeaah right

john johansson says:

“nature” hhahaahah

Caesar Guzman says:

Lol! Stan Mcquay s NOT natural! Dude turned pro at the NPC nationals,
nobody is natural In any NPC pro qualifier show…

lobsidedballs says:

To all you fucking moron bitches. Bodybuilding is not a sport… it’s a
fucking beauty pageant. These overgrown mongoloids are my favorite to spar
in my gym since they gas out after 3 punches and don’t really have power
since is just pure aesthetics

Stealthbomb says:

Too many distended stomachs

Kingro619 says:

I still am in awe of and enjoy the modern physiques but my favourites are
the classic physiques like Arnold and Frank Zane

Dario Andrade says:

bodybuilding gives you confidence retards [AGING to great degree plus a lot
of energy to achieve other [GOALS in you life!!!

snouty snouterson says:

come on fun boys who wants my wand in their exit?

blab flab says:


snouty snouterson says:

these men put wind in my sail

superoxidedismutor says:

Musclemania is a natural show… LOLOLOL

Kingro619 says:

In my opinion, Dana Lynn Bailey is the full package for women’s
bodybuilding. She’s doing great things for the sport

Xavier BenJamin says:

I prefer The Healthy Slim Sexy Look)

Xavier BenJamin says:

THanks I love picking a strong wieght and doing reps with it)

Kalvin Hinsby says:

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