“Homemade” Teeth Whitening

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Tweet This Vid To Friends clicktotweet.com www.TalkinMakeup.com http ‪www.twitter.com Camille Megan PO BOX 494 SEWELL NJ 08080 How to get Whiter Brighter teeth in 2 weeks for under $5 You don’t have to wear white strips for a half an hour a day for two weeks! All need to do is get Baking Soda and water Mix them together making a paste dip your toothbrush in the mixture and brush your teeth as normal ! The bubbles from the Baking Soda & Water will gently remove the stains from your teeth in about two weeks time! The second method I did was a dipping my toothbrush in Peroxide! This also brightens and whitens your teeth and you can get it for such a low cost! Which ever method you choose it takes about two weeks for maximum results and it should be done every other day or twice a week! For more at home whitening consult your dentist If you experience irritation, discontinue use, and speak to your dentist! Any drugstore whitening products should be approved by the ADA American Dental Association Let me know in two weeks what you think if it’s working!


SomefabulousDame says:

I use peroxide but do it differently. I brush my teeth the usual way, floss, then use 1-2tbsp of peroxide like mouth wash for about a minute. It whitens teeth, freshens breath, and helps with toothaches and other mouth sores (I have a habit of biting my cheeks).

shealishaify says:

I did the first method. Not sure this work for me. Gotta wait for two weeks. So I let you know later. Thanks for sharing (:

DramaQueen3721 says:

shit im 12

DevonAndCompany2505 says:

the baking soda can lower enamle onyour teeth! hehe i feel so smart when i say true things! or i think its true:)

TalkinMakeUp says:


TalkinMakeUp says:

Awww Thanks! 

TalkinMakeUp says:

Lol you had me at shit breath lmao Thank you for sharing your experience!

TalkinMakeUp says:

Either every other day or twice a week! Thank you!

TalkinMakeUp says:

It can make gums really sore and sensitive but it is more effective!

TalkinMakeUp says:

lol thats how I say Baking Soda


bacon soda! lol 0:40

GeetSlapped says:


Alyson VanEeuwen says:

peroxide and baking soda works even better

anca manta says:

how many times should we use the peroxide? every day. twice a day or twicw a week??pls answer. i’ve started today but didi it for just one time. we are wiewers from italy. thank you

Lucyxx84 says:

my friend had shit breath every time i hung out with him so i had to be honest and blunt, i told him his breath smelled like shit. I told him he should floss his teeth and rinse his mouth with peroxide…and what do you know, his shit breath went away lol 😀 and he thanked me for being honest. lol anyways I use peroxide to rinse my mouth when it smells or when my gums are hurting. but i never tried the baking soda thing. imma have to try that

TalkinMakeUp says:

its not the same peroxide ,there is peroxide in most whiten toothpastes and whitening strips

TalkinMakeUp says:

awww thank you! I feel like we all have the moments when we hate on someone, but for the most part I know that people don’t really hate me lol I hope so I try to have fun with it! Besides I come from a family of ball busters excuse my language & My husband,daughter,& I have carried on the tradition lol

bongsult says:

youre so pretty…..

MrJim133 says:

U’re cute and cuddly 😀 !

kkc4lif says:

rude comments are uncalled for

WonderTheTestical says:

This will help a lot. Thanks!

Dani elle says:

@talkinmakeup I love how positive you are when you respond to people who are hating, yet so funny at the same time :)

myad639 says:

I want that hello kitty!!!!!!!!!

soopahoonvy says:

That’s hydrogen peroxide, I think, that you use to dye your hair. I use peroxide as mouthwash when I get cold sores inside my mouth, and it works wonders.

SoulStriker101 says:

Is that 3% Peroxide ?

TayzCo says:

I’m 13 can I still use this technique coz I hate my teeth so much

lilly swan says:

try using a bit of lemon with baking soda i saw results over just 1 week

Plasteliins says:

I’ll have to try it some day.. So this is the secret for my friend I think o.e

Surfer Skiier says:


Hani Angelo says:

you suck.

kbosslady14 says:

i love your hello kitty coffee maker

dionetta88 says:

I love the background on her computer

glittermonkey78 says:

she is more than likely saying it like “Bakin” soda not “bacon” soda either way
we all knew what she meant…..jeez you tube so pedantic

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