HGH Injection preparation Pfizer Genotropin Growth Hormone

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Danny shows you how to mix up a 16IU vial of Pfizer Genotropin. This type of HGH is meant for the Pfizer auto pen system, but those are difficult and expensive to get. So this video shows you how to mix the solution for use with a syringe. Pfizer Genotropin is one of the most sought after growth hormones because of its high quality and the name brand recognition. Contact us today to see how you can obtain your own human growth hormone treatment with Pfizer Genotropin.


Freddy To says:

HI I seen that you are in Pvr, where did you buy the hgh? and how much you are paying for each? I’ll like to start a cycle with hgh. my email is tfredy@gmail.com I appreciate your info. Thank you

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