Forehead Wrinkles Before and After

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Close – To learn more about how I got rid of my forehead wrinkles.
At 22 I had deep forehead wrinkes – but this changed completely. My skin is now absolutely smooth, as if I never had any wrinkles (without chemicals, pills, botox or surgery).

And since I did it, you can do it as well!

In this video I share with you my personal journey in combating my forehead wrinkles. I show you picture from my deep furrows (which I hated so much), tell you what I did and show you the wrinkle-free end results.

Please also check my other videos and my website for more tips on how you can get rid of existing forehead wrinkles and also prevent the development.


Kiki Chan says:

her voice…

Louis John says:

what forehead wrinkles is she talking about? she doesn’t have any…

flowerbomb112 says:

but what did you found out…..

nimdoh says:

Excellent video! Now I’m gonna watch yr other videos and website! Thank you
for sharing yr findings!

lumpyspaceprincess98 says:

I’m 15 and I’ve noticed some really fine ones appearing on my forehead
asdfghjkl im too young for this

Lena Mayer says:

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