DIY Face Scrub -Natural home remedy for pimples, blackheads, acne scars, dark spots, remove sun tan

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DIY Face Exfoliator made of rice flour – Treat pimples, acne scars, dark spots, remove sun tan naturally – Natural home remedy for glowing skin with even complexion. Makeup up work in this…


mybunnytv says:

Where did you get those contacts I’m dieing!!!!!! They are so pretty!!!

trisha60 says:

gorgeous!!!! as always!!! x

Peiyun Xue says:

Pretty eyes

jsschill05 says:

I dont know if u take feedback positively but the thumbnail pic of this
video is very ***** (not in a good way) !!! 

Heidi deezou says:

hey!! rice flour! thats my new “in” product! gud u did this video!!!! love
it! n looking “aishwarya-ish”! :)

Saiqa Khan says:

goodness u r so hilariously beautiful x

Sa'diya Sohawon says:

i didn’t think you could get more gorgeous but those contacts! <3 aha :)

Akanksha Rajpal says:

Honestly I just kept looking at you & forgot to listen to what u saying…
😛 By all means Am absolutely straight.. 😉 But now in love with you… <3

AmateurBeautyAddict says:

You look like a younger Aishwarya Rai in this video :)

Adaugo Nnennaya says:

Your skin looks good in this vid

Tina Lazaro says:

Ur simply the best 

Jessica T.N says:

Loved it I can’t wait to try it!! What is the Las ingredient the yellow
thing I am not to sure

Duchess Royle says:

You look absolutely stunning, love your face mask recipes and I learnt a
lot today about rice flour ;)

Remika M says:

Newly subscribed; love this and can’t wait to try it! 🙂 🙂 

Shruti Vaity says:

Y dont u make a husband tag??.its fun watchin..u both sweethearts…please
do it..

Kitti725 says:

Can i ask where you from..?

Momo says:

Is it only me who can’t really stand the smell of turmeric powder; that
doesn’t mean I don’t use it on my face.

sky1Sthelimit says:

Oh! sorry, didn’t see the link below!

southpawjlc says:

Can I ask what is your skin type? Like dry, oily, or combo?

Yolanda Parks says:

Thank you for sharing the information on natural home remedy for glowing

Ruqayya Lorgat says:

Hi I’ve got the same question as most of them where are those contact
lenses from and are they available to order online can you please provide
us with the details thanks in advance luv ya..

Lakshana James says:

Ur soo beautiful! 

Mamo says:

I used it as a mask it it took away my tan right away!! :)

Shoppingstar525 says:

Your makeup in this is gorg

egbet105272 says:

does it matter what kind of yogurt? greek, nonfat, fullfat, etc. ? excited
to try this once i figure out what kind of yogurt lol

Style ME says:

I will have to try this. I love DIY skin care!

preethi Prasad says: face masks which r just look stunning

DeeVarg says:

First viewer! :)

Madhurima Saha says:

Hey u r smart…u already shared the makeup here…thanks much

Dipti Singh says:

Huny ur one pretty girl. Xx uve got very nice features and ur skin is as
good. Ur very very pretty

mudserlove says:

Wow thanks

83yodi says:


moses priyanka says:

those eyes were charismatic.

tubtubaaa says:

Ur So cute :)

sky1Sthelimit says:

What foundation are you using in this video? It looks great! 

southpawjlc says:

You are so beautiful and I love your voice. Thank you for this super
helpful and budget friendly video. I can’t wait to try this ☺

Shruti Vaity says:

Can we grind normal basmati rice n then use it?? In Mumbai..powder form is
not available..i guess..

Madhurima Saha says:

Hey did u use lenses here….whatever u did ..u look amazing…Please share
the makeup u have used here….if possible…

dostthoufall says:

Love these tips! Which contacts are you wearing? They compliment you so

Carol Love says:

is tumeric the same as curry?

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