Coloncleanse: Nasty Colon Cleansing Truths: mucous.colon cleanse,mucoid plaque

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How I achieved my disgusting colon cleanse that helped me lose lbs and lbs. What? There is no mainstream scientific evidence support…


Liverpix says:

@UnoRaza FRESH GROUND what ? Coffee?

1softkiss says:

A proper balanced regimen of fiber and healthy foods less many red meats
helps a lot. I live off of collards, fresh salads and spinach and I’ve
found that the natural way to regulate ones bowels is much safer and better
for maintaining a good natural flora.

jeffmara says:

Good video.

sipota henriquez says:

Colon is good purify all of your body not just your colon

Marcy Gladhand says:

FIRST!!!!! (A beautiful colon is a lovely sight indeed)

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