Colon Hydrotherapy: Insight on the cleansing process.

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Watch a live colonic… Contact Shannon at: 818-344-0001.


VirusInferno says:

“I’m seeing alot of nuts in there” XD all joking aside this is very informative and that person must felt sooooo relieved in the end of the treatment

pinguinitacori says:

Very good video, I had no idea thats how an intestinal cleansing was done. 🙂

pinguinitacori says:

Wow, so thats how it goes down…mmmm very imformative 🙂

blusuck says:


zencleanse says:

Better out, than in!

AngeleeLac says:

Great information.

CharlieAyla says:

Yes, she was full and she had even had a bowel movement eariler that morning but there have been times when ten times that amount came out! Sometimes it really blows your mind whats in there.

growyerown1 says:


zencleanse says:

I loved it. Very informative.

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