Colon Hydrotherapy Cleansing for Dummies

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I can’t believe that I’ve tried for 9 years to make relevant entertaining movies, and that this spur-of-the-moment video about my poop is the one that everyone loves. See my latest movie “Your Words are Like Swords” at: Can the unhealthiest guy in the world fast on water for 40 hours AND get his colon cleansed? Can he start a new healthy life? watch and SEE. Starring and narrated by avantgarde filmmaker Brian Labrecque. Mr. Labrecque is available for TV and radio interviews, for more info, contact him at:


THEMissMusick says:

…I am on a mission to clean out my butt.

So doing this.

crhawaii95 says:

Cool! Now I’m scared!

corvinus31 says:

Thanks dude.

beautytube1 says:

this was great! thanks for filming

Ginger Jungroth says:

Thank you for doing this video. I am no longer concerned about having it done.

EarthH2oLuma says:

Good for you! All those balls left behind even after going to the bathroom. I bet it felt so good once your were done. Thanks for sharing with us.

mine mineII says:

Not meaning to brag, but mine are medium brown, the color of plain cardboard. They leave my the body easily with no straining or discomfort. They have the consistency of toothpaste, and are approximately 8 to 10 inches long, unformly rounded at the ends. They enter the water smoothly and slowly fall once it reaching the water. There is little gas or odor.

mjlwaimea says:

You need to flush the toxins out of your body and then build it back up. I would highly suggest an all organic juice fast (minimum five days; as much juice/water as you want and supplements for your colon) coupled with colonics and organic coffe enemas. I had amazing results. Check out ‘Gerson Therapy’ for further info on diet and healing. Email me for further info.

logicCplusplus says:

each to their own

mjlwaimea says:

Perhaps if we all had perfect diets from day 1, we wouldn’t need any augmentation for healthy colons; however, this is too far removed from reality in a western diet. I might even have cleaned out my colon through diet eventually, but thought it prudent to partake in the fast and colonics. I highly suggest this to anyone for not only basic digestive health but also mental clarity and full cellular rejuvenation. Add serious juicing to your daily intake as well as occasional organic coffee enemas.

logicCplusplus says:

ok, psylium fiber has viscous soluble and insoluble fiber.
try this type. it expands when u mix it with water and traps any waste in the colon

mjlwaimea says:

Sources of soluble fiber: oatmeal, oat cereal, lentils, apples, oranges, pears, oat bran, strawberries, nuts, flaxseeds, beans, dried peas, blueberries, psyllium, cucumbers, celery, and carrots. I have eaten 98% percent of these raw fruits & veg daily, and in excessive amounts, for a year and a half, had 2-3 healthy bowel movements daily and yet had massive amounts of discharge from my colonics. Perhaps you should give one a go before you decide what’s necessary for the health of your colon.

logicCplusplus says:

what does your diet have to do with soluble fiber? i don’t need colonic hydrotherapy because fibers (especially soluble fiber which expands, ie: metamucilin, psyllium fiber) will get the job done.
i’m sure colonic hydrotherapy is effective, i just don’t think its necessary. 

mjlwaimea says:

As someone who has eaten more fiber than most, I couldn’t disagree with your statement more. I’ve been eating 1 kg of raw veg, muesli, yogurt and soy milk and +/- 1 kgs of fruit per day for approximately 18 months with incredible results. However, in order to fully cleanse myself of toxins and putrid undigested material in my intestines, I underwent a 5-day veg juice fast inclusive of 3 colonic hydrotherapy sessions, which cleared 5 kilograms of putrid meat and carbs that were still in my body.

logicCplusplus says:

if you want to clean your colon take soluble fiber, drink pure coconut juice and even coconut oil.

Anna Keenan says:

Actually, fasting for 7-14 days (if you’re in otherwise solid condition) is good for your health. Yes, you’ll feel weak and (shock!) hungry *for a few days*. But it gives your body a break, burning built-up fats and releasing toxins like nothing else. Yes, those toxins and fats that have built up over decades of consistent – and often unhealthy – eating. Human evolution over the last 140,000 years didn’t include eating three square meals a day – we are built to fast occasionally. Look it up.

hyuridebarros says:

Jared from subway shops???

logicCplusplus says:

u don’t need this. all you need is to take soluble fiber for a while.

reikomadamadaike says:

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Vivo Colonics says:

Better than getting it cut open and end up not having a gut.

Vivo Colonics says:

Not a scam. I like colon hydrotherapy. Keeps my tummy flat. In the past I feel pregnant all the time.

Vivo Colonics says:

Yes they do clean your liver. Today I had a colonic and tomorrow I am doing a liver and gallbladder cleanse after that I’m doing another colonic. The cost for one session is from $65-95 depends in your area. Very worth it. It helped me and I went to school to become a colon hydrotherapist.

Vivo Colonics says:

It will but one time is not enough. If he is very constipated he should go twice a month, eat more fiber, drink more H20, exercise, supplements, and colonics.

Vivo Colonics says:

I have clients where they have gone to the bathroom one every two weeks and now to 2 times a week. It’s getting there. In the past I have been having gas and bloating. Yes my poor eating habit and exercising. Again in the past, I had to drink diet tea where I can go every here and there. It was like having a diarrhea. Also I had to eat really hot spicy peppers to help me go. Now no more of that. I change my eating and getting monthly colonics. See my website vivo colonics dot com.

monkeylla says:

can someone give me an opinion or review on their experience on colon hydrotherapy? i want to know if anyone has been cured from prescription drugs toxicity by doing this procedure or from the toxic chemo and recovered. i’ve been sufferering for over 2.5 years from a prescription drug i took called accutane. i haven’t been the same. i believe i have IBS and i always have this brain fog as well. i just feel so depressed every day…

ColonicExpert says:

Visit ColonicExpert on YouTube to see testimonial of woman who has received over 1,000 colonics. Learn the reasons behind why Americans should investigate why repeated colon hygiene releases stuff you would never, ever see come out with a normal bowel movement!

Sweetbirdie24 says:

thanks for the experience because im getting mine done, and that seem like a very big ass tube lol

Anna Keenan says:

You should try a one-week or ten-day fast. Seriously. 40 hours is just the beginning. The real toxicity changes happen after about 3 days. (I’ve personally done 3 fasts over one week.)

honda12345678 says:

tell him to quit eating chesse

hotkeepr7 says:

what an awesome girl, she really was nice and kind.

hotboy4231 says:


CBasie2856 says:

They say colon cleansing eradicates b12 producing bacteria.


If that was true, then it would make sense that the water we drink daily into our mouths would also be able to eradicate all the gum disease promoting bacteria in our mouths. Which is completely false. If that was true, I wouldn’t have to brush my teeth anymore.

StarcraftAlphaBeta says:

Great video!

Queenananasa says:

Was it helpful? did you feel better? do you recomend this treatment?

depressingprospects says:

Thank you very much.

MrHellhawk says:

I feel weird for saying this but, that was oddly entertaining to watch.

LiveFromTheFridge says:

ummm mb because she can make $1600+/week and not have to live on welfare or sling burgers?

c1a2t3a4p5i6l7l8a9r says:

Any time I see oriental mystic themed decor I become skeptical of the madicinal validity of the practice. People who call themselves.wellness coaches also through up red flags. There is no science here. Under researched and miss understood. Colonics is more about traditions than health

156aliciasy says:

I wana send my husband… He’s always constipated… Will this clean him out?

MissKristinaZ says:

Listening to his moaning and groaning is hilar! We deal with the cramps and pain on a monthly basis kind sir! Man up! 🙂

Gloria Harris says:

U can do colon cleanses other ways. Colonics are effective, but you need to repeat them. Liver flushes are also good at cleaning out the body, but don’t do a liver flush w/o doing an antiparasite all the time. It can take years, but this is how to reverse disease. Order of cleansing: colon liver, blood lymph and tissues. Eradicates all disease. Took the colonic a little further, didin’t I? Put no more chemical poisons in your body.

TheBalloonjoe1963 says:

Wow you sure did have to go through alot with this procedure, and Im glad your feeling Better so Keep up the Good Work.

sweetblueberrykiss says:

Crappy I will have this treatment. Thanks for posting very informative

normcason3 says:

Appreciate it Brian, i have been skeptical about doing it, so I am on it now, thanks again!!!

chadi100 says:

So you lost your virginity with virgin coconut oil…lol

Amrin Luna says:

Hi, have you heard about “Belly Fat TorchMax” (do a Google search for it)? On their website you will find a beneficial free video. This helped Ellin to burn her abdominal fat. It may work for you as well…

BastardOnParade760 says:

Do colonics cleanse your liver too?
And how much do these procedures cost?

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