Colon Cleansing And Colon Hydrotherapy

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Close Detoxification programs have long been used to help with many illnesses and conditions. Colon cleansing and colon hydrotherapy a…


Jay.R Munoz says:

I stuck the hose up my ass.. It feels good

sunil mehta says:

The essence of the message is lost when we zoom in on the voice
instead.Noteworthy message! Keep it up! suneil

cruciankyandi says:

Hahahahah I was wondering the same thing!!

robertcg81 says:


PayWithLawv says:

wooo partyyyyyyyyyyy

schooder says:

computer voices…..ok..fine

nodrojordon says:

when i hear this voice, all i think is “THE NATIONAL WEATHER CENTER HAS

Leo T M says:

the robot voice sounds nervous xD

Dunkler Ritter says:

Try Natural Reader. Voices sound better 🙂

Josh S says:

The guy that does the voice of Anonymous.

ZINQ91 says:

Why was there a picture of a poultry digestive tract?O.0

Susana Rivas says:

Loving the background music lol

01usaface says:

i was watching pown how did i get here?

Rajesh Rengarajan says:

He sounds like speculum stuck in his ass.

Vinayak Shanbhag says:

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