Cleanse Diet: Colon Cleanse Diet!

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Close The practices of cleanse diet has been around for a long time! There are so many colon cleanse/cleansing suppl…


DheransRoberts says:

Thanks Murtha

DheransRoberts says:

Thanks for sharing your success Joseph:)

DheransRoberts says:

Thanks seemed like everyone is recommending Digest it:)

DheransRoberts says:

Thanks Ramon..glad you like it

DheransRoberts says:

You might have some minor size effects like urinate more often during the 1st week but results varies..that’s a typical body detox process which is pretty common.

DheransRoberts says:

Indeed..I have a few friends also recommended this to me. That’s why I get a green light from my family doctor.:)

DheransRoberts says:

Hi John..There is a delivery charges. no FREE shipping for the products. But they are legit and working well for me.

DheransRoberts says:

I believe so Charles..It does ship internationally! Hope this helps

DheransRoberts says:

Thanks Bradley.

DheransRoberts says:

Hi takes approximately 10-12 bus days, but I received my orders usually in less than a week. Hope this helps.

Martin Mack says:

How long does it take for the delivery?

Bradley Lee says:

great product review

Charles Caldwell says:

I wonder does it ship intrenationally? I live in South African.

Newman John says:

Does this product comes with free delivery?

TheIwishiwerebane132 says:

Thanks for sharing your success! I was looking for the product reviews online..and it seemed everyone has said good things about this product!

20112346 says:

Any side effects with Digest it colon cleansing diet?

Ramon Olivarez says:

Nice video..txs for sharing it

Eric Sherrod says:

Digest it works. I was advised by Doctor as well to check it out. I lose 60 Lbs in the course of 3 years colon cleanse diet with digest it, and I highly recommend it to my families and friends

Joseph Figgs says:

I have been consuming Digest it for awhile, it’s legit..txs for the good review!

Murtha Leon says:

thanks for the review.i find it very interesting

DheransRoberts says:

Thanks Pienaar..Just a reminder! Consume the pill before each meal. Don`t take it with empty stomach!

DheransRoberts says:

Thanks Adam

DheransRoberts says:

Let me know how it turned out..txs Julie

DheransRoberts says:

You,re most welcome Marrie..I am glad it helped:)

DheransRoberts says: could..but bear in mind, no more than 3 pills per day!

William21811 says:

Can I consume 3 pills per day?

MarrieThomas says:

Thanks for putting this up..this motivate me now!

MsJulieHwang says:

Thanks for sharing your success! I am giving this a try right now!

DheransRoberts says:

You,re most welcome Adele..

DheransRoberts says:

I am glad it helped Adam..Keep us posted on your progress!

Adam Fienberg says:

I just bought it..sounds very interesting. Will update you on my progress!

Pienaar Adele says:

Thanks for sharing your success! I am giving this a try right now!

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