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WATCH IN HD… Smile Bright uses a unique, safe procedure that allows you to whiten your teeth professionally in the comfort of your own home. Smile Bright use a 44% carbamide peroxide based gel (the highest on percentage available) this breaks down to a 16.5% hydrogen peroxide based gel mixed with an LED lighting system. Just to show how potent the gel is, regular peroxide sold in the stores is a 3%. Over the counter whitening kits/strips can be anywhere from a 6-8 percent. So when I was sent this kit from the lovely people at Smile Bright, of course [More]
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The internet says you can whiten your teeth w fruit. We say prove it! Fix Broken Compacts – http://bit.ly/1xerZO2 Royal Crush (watch all episodes!) – http://bit.ly/1v178sM Dynamic duo and #RoyalCrush OTP Meg DeAngelis and Alex Aiono are here to try out two different teeth whitening techniques using easy/cheap household fruits – strawberries and bananas. Are these really an easy way to get shiny bright chompers? I guess we’ll find out! Leave a comment timestamping your favorite #Malex moment and stay til the end for bloopers! Give it a
How to achieve whiter teeth at home without spending hundreds at the dentist! 🙂 http://bit.ly/SmileSciencesJadah. The link above is where i got my teeth whitening system! Use promo code “Jadah” for 90% off the kit! Enjoy!