This video provides a brief Bite2Lite flashlight review and how-to-use it. The Bite2Lite comes in handy in an incredible amount of different situations including, plumbing, fishing, electrical work, mechanics, hunters, campers, and many outdoor (and indoor) situations. You can purchase a 3-pack of Bite2Lites on Amazon.
One of the latest and greatest ways to blow air around is by using a “tower fan”.  There are a lot of different models available and most seem to be well loved by their users, but which brand is best? Is the expensive Dyson brand better than the cheaper ones you can find elsewhere? The following tower fan review video should help you if you are trying to determine which one is right for you. Dyson Air Multiplier AM02 Tower Fan – Review and Analysis A review on the Dyson Air Multiplier AM02 Tower Fan. When these kinds of Dyson [More]
The Bug Off Instant Screen Door – This one looks interesting and useful, but I wonder how long it will hold up? It seems that after a couple of weeks of daily use something would break, and make the product useless, but I don’t know for sure as I don’t own one. Bug Off Instant Screen Door with Magnetic Closure Smarthome Product # 6260 – Portable design allows the screen to be taken anywhere – Installs without tools on a single or sliding door – Provides magnetic, hands-free entry and exit – Keeps bugs out and lets fresh air in.