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How to use a water tube in a colon cleanse in this free health video. Expert: Kameron Gross Bio: Kameron Gross is the owner of Hydrohealth in Encinco, CA and has been doing hydrocolonics for 10 years. Filmmaker: Nili Nathan
I can’t believe that I’ve tried for 9 years to make relevant entertaining movies, and that this spur-of-the-moment video about my poop is the one that everyone loves. See my latest movie “Your Words are Like Swords” at: Can the unhealthiest guy in the world fast on water for 40 hours AND get his colon cleansed? Can he start a new healthy life? watch and SEE. Starring and narrated by avantgarde filmmaker Brian Labrecque. Mr. Labrecque is available for TV and radio interviews, for more info, contact him at: