Breast Implants vs. Fat Transfer

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Though fat transfer has been performed for at least 100 years, and has enjoyed success as a method used to enhance the buttocks and create a more youthful appearance in the face, its use in the breast tissue has been controversial.


TheTekkenTech1 says:

How do they remove them for transgender er whatever you wanna call it. 

TheBrownIsland says:

Fat transfer is way better and acts the same as normal breast; including
what you see in mammograms.

markoni57 says:

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reeya shrestha says:

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Megan Ortiz says:

In fact, the secret to have voluptuous and perky breasts is to influence
additional hormones that control estrogen and breast development.

Lon Qua Nong says:

I was once an A cup. I used to be shy, I thought I wasn’t attractive, was
not sexy. But lastly I increased my busts by 2 cups, simply by workouts. 

Michelle says:

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Scott Pratt says:

Breast Implants vs. Fat Transfer

Jonathan Destine says:


Ans Valkenburg says:

can this be none for men too

erika dionne says:

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small breasts for 30 years and even when I thought I couldn’t do anything,
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Gaurab Manandhar says:

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Sylvia J. Pabon says:

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superjjize says:

We all kno why you here 😉

Kathy Erickson says:

Was this video done in 1950? Advances in implants and the procedure have
come a long way. No loss in sensation, no rippling, no scarring, plus with
the gummy bear implant IF a rupture occurs( you can stand on an implant
without rupture) it wont migrate. This video was done by those who perform
Fat Transfer Augmentation. Im not saying go Implants, but do research on
unbiased sites before making a decision. Mine look, feel, and act like real
breasts, thanks to under the muscle advances.

Brenna S. says:

they also forgot to add that implants can make breast sensation disappear.

Marie P. Waldon says:

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