Best Ways to Colon Cleanse : Water Tube for a Colon Cleanse

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How to use a water tube in a colon cleanse in this free health video. Expert: Kameron Gross Bio: Kameron Gross is the owner of Hydrohealth in Encinco, CA and has been doing hydrocolonics for 10 years. Filmmaker: Nili Nathan


eneman11 says:

I want to give Kameron a little of her own medicine ! hahahahahaha!

stanfordwp says:

Yeah Colon is really really helpful, I found these tablets Vimax detox to be just as effective as the actual colon itself so for the long term I have been using them. Just can pick up a free trial if your unsure like i was here

TienDuong1503 says:

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anasnaknota says:

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pocapoke says:

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choccheeks1 says:

what is all that brown matter that comes out then?

killertr says:

What is the speculum for?

SN1987B says:

Is it ironic that a Ruby Tuesday ad played right before the video started?

ebhock101 says:

I’m a nurse studying osteomolecular therapies, and I have advice for you. Colon cleansing is a scam. Go get a colonoscopy from a gastroenterologist and you will see that you DO NOT have pounds of waste “built up” in your colon. It’s impossible due to the physiology of your bowel. I would like the credentials of the woman in the video. Eat a 70% raw fruit/vegetable/nut/legume/seaweed/fresh made juice diet with high water and Vitamin C intake. That’s what you need to keep your whole body safe.

blacksultan85 says:

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sugaryuna says:

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DigestitCleanse says:

Great video, but if you’d prefer to take capsules instead of the idea of inserting something into your behind, then Digest It Colon Cleanse is
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SN1987B says:

Not needing to eat or drink, huh? Ever hear of the rule of 3’s? While not true for everyone, it states that most people can survive 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water, or 3 weeks without food. This is based on real science, not eastern religion.

ronburgandy1111 says:

You are an idiot! Dont say things like that. No one in this video fits your reckless comment.

margachi123 says:

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falseistrue says:

I hate when fat motherfuckers give advice on health.

itsmewillieD says:

She gets paid to shoot water up someone’s ass.

Maria Duran says:

I have something better that this.

kid1ug says:

1.48, what is that? A CLAW?

Philosophist0 says:

The whole time im watching this im like
“OMG will she just STFU and put it in the hot chicks butt already!!!!!”

jockojonson17 says:

Can I request her to NOT wear gloves?

bpatto says:

My bung hole hurts just watching that.

MrBolivariano says:

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redbimmer85 says:

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therawfooddiet says:

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Paul Williams says:


TMPAUL says:

Put that tube in my ass and I will blow out a anaconda.

adegamisoumounopano says:

that tube will have no trouble going into her asshole…

she wants it, un-lubed.

DaveColus says:

i had it done to and i pressed to release and the tube shot out and the stuff went as far as 6 feet away on the wall the person doing it the table and some of it looked just like Gary Coleman.

eneman11 says:

Love the patient . She’s HOT!!!

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