Best Ways to Colon Cleanse : How to Begin a Colon Cleanse

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How to begin a colon cleanse explained in this free health video. Expert: Kameron Gross Bio: Kameron Gross is the owner of Hydrohealth in Encinco, CA and has…


CSPAChica says:

so is it better to get a colonic or to continually take pro-biotics?

ncfwhitetigress says:

probiotics and yogurt

kelltiozim says:

well hmmmmmmmmmm what if you havta let one rip during that critical filling

D1rec7or says:

um, did anyone else fap to this?

sacr3 says:

There is no proof behind this working. The Colon is a dirty place for a
reason, to make sure you are healthy. There is good bacteria, and bad
bacteria. Cleaning out your colon takes the good bacteria out also, making
your intestinal tract vulnerable to the bad. This can result in
sicknessess. Yes, we’re all obsessed with being clean, but unfortunately
your Intestinal tract needs to stay “dirty” to keep you healthy.

noliberals123 says:

Colon cleansing is a scam. Anyone who suggests a colon cleanse clearly does
not have any knowledge of physiology. Do not waste your money on garbage
such as this–the only thing it will cleanse is your wallet.

therawfooddiet says:

Nice video out there 🙂 Your video is a source of learning 🙂 take a glance
of my video 🙂

Ch'erie de Perrot says:

Then All i could say to that is “oooooooh Sh..t LOL

Doug Morris says:

I cannot believe people are stupid enough to pay for this “crap”. These
same people pay a chiropractor to cure them of a head cold! What next? Or
ar they getting off on this??

Ralph Cramdon says:

How do I contact you for an appointment?

jackinla8 says:

I has 3 colonic-therapy sessions and it actually sent my colon into shock,
I usually take a dump 3-4 times/day, but after the colonic, I had to take
probiotics for a month to recuperate and return to normal. Eat lots of
roughage (fruits+veg) walk every day, drink lots of water and you won’t
need colonics.

pete1774 says:

A clean colon is an Unhealthy colon.

cortezforever says:

have you noticed most of the people practitioners of this stuff look like
they have eaten a whole cow crazy!

jackinla8 says:

how much does it cost? what do you recommend for returning the good
bacteria to the colon?

IceBangedYourMom says:

I can’t get past the hair in that region T_T somebody help me?

NUN YAH says:

@Baldgol4 Well Yeah!!! Shitt happens.

trezza181 says:

I need one of these, I hear they make you feel good man.

RuralBrett says:

@zobcity01 well in canada when people do this makes my life easier for the
payday 🙂 so go for it bad american health system neway

roxanne26ful says:

Nice video..

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