Best Ways to Colon Cleanse : Foods for a Healthy Colon

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Foods for a healthy colon laid out in this free health video. Expert: Kameron Gross Bio: Kameron Gross is the owner of Hydrohealth in Encinco, CA and has bee…


Ezihara says:

How do I watch this videos in order?

Cali Curmudgeon says:

If a hot nurse like her is doing it to you, it’s not gay!

ooooosweetbuttox says:


Weed4Hoodii says:

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therawfooddiet says:

Magnificent video 🙂 It helps me a lot and I get valuable information:) Hey
dont forget to watch my videos ^L^

prettygirl3322 says:

prettygirl3322 great information, i needed this

dread313 says:

A McDonalds ad just before this video. lol

Cali Curmudgeon says:

Yah, a little chunky, but all right in a blonde sort of way. I guess I’m
not so picky

Ezihara says:

How do I watch this videos in order?

economistfury says:

would only do this for pleasure

shovanpmccoy says:

hi there, wonder if you can share your colonic experience? im seriously
thinking of doing one.cheers

PHvlogger says:

I was watching a video of a bunny, and somehow I got here.

jmbhottie23 says:

Great i love beans and avocados! im set.

screenflicker1 says:

she’s fat

bethal1998 says:

thanks for the info. ive been doing colonics for a year now but now im hear
more and more about saline and cofee enemas. b/c they’re good for detoxing
the liver. how does the colonic differ from the coffee enema?

roxanne26ful says:

Nice video. thanks for mentioning the foods that are good for the colon.

fredorulz1 says:

be nice if the nurse knocked one out for you afterwards as a reward lol lol

TheOlga121 says:

whats the difference between an enima and a colonic?

hop208 says:

100oz?! I’m surprised I haven’t died from dehydration if that how much
we’re supposed to drink. I’d feel like I was drinking a lot if I had 40oz a
day and I’m almost 200lbs.

sk8rguy4life1123 says:

@samuel1776 its not poop its this black residue from your colon

300073605 says:

all i got from this video is that eggs help?

Turco949 says:

Apparently, the other 160floz goes up from the ass.

xyzpower99 says:

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heatherlycke says:

How much does this procedure cost? Is it covered by insurance? Can you lose
weight from this? I only go like 2 times a week. I exercise 3 to 4 times a
week and I am hypothyroid. I get really bad stomach aches.

232laser says:


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