Andy’s Amazing Weight Loss

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icstr8 says:

The American Medical Association has declared obesity a disease, don’t believe me, look it up…

kyle paquette says:

Omfgggg who cares the audio is of not every one of you needs to point it out.

Sir1Snorteaus says:

I know tons of people have said this but I have to say it. The synchronization is so bad. Mine also keeps curing out…

jake whitwam says:

Soooo un synced

TheDogJuniorx says:

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TruthFatality says:

Whose idea was it to video Andy’s weight loss story? Whose account was it uploaded to? -.-

TheJomightymaniac says:

my audio isn’t synched with video 🙁

Alexandra Hupit says:

This guy was 200pounds. Wings is 400, its a little diffrent….

Alexandra Hupit says:

Why are you saying thanks Woody? Andy is the one motivating you i asume?

ForbesMade says:

The video is 9 seconds behind the audio woody, so if that helps any.

IQsveen says:

Dat audio sync….

fluffyz28 says:

Needs to be synced

fluffyz28 says:

The audio is off

Frosty2547Gaming says:

Thanks Andy! And thanks woody for uploading. Im 15 and 25-40 lbs over weight. You have inspired me to start eating right. Im starting boxing soon to. Once again thanks so much for inspiring me to lose weight and feel good about myself

Mistah AwesumBanana says:

obesity is a medical condition…it causes diseases.
having excess fat is not a disease.

eddebrock says:

This is really motivating to hear, thanks Woody!

Daniel G says:

I wish that were wings

Dre Baas says:


TheAuzzieKangaroo says:

yea he has the bonfire thing

Jesus Christ says:

Audio not synced :s

Lord AJ says:

audio lagging for anyone else?

iAmRabid says:

He is using one of Joe’s computers. He can’t help it.

m4444d22 says:

thanks for this video, woody.
it really showed me what is possible with a little self-discipline and determination.

it motivated me to get my shit together and actually start eating low-carb-food.
i hope this helps me to lose those 10-15 extra lbs that will allow my muscles to actually be visible. 😉

Isak Davidsen says:

That asian ninja

kenny tinnion says:

I Dont have a gym? :S

Ray Saldanha says:


Ray Saldanha says:

wing of redemption says wtf!!!!

OhhhRob says:

haha me and him used to play MW3 together when he had like 300 subs

Jar-Jar Binks says:

Шно сагеs тнат Тне ацdiо is анеаd

LETSGOBLUES4ever says:

if you sub to me I will sub back

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